Maximize Your Financial Values
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Our ultimate goal is to ensure that everyone can maximize their financial values.

Wealth Management

A holistic and customized financial solutions to maximize your financial values.

Financial Coaching

One-on-one and corporate financial coaching to gain better perspective about total financial solutions.


Integrita' is a leading financial company that provides expertise in wealth management, financial planning, and financial coaching. We deliver an exceptional client experience through tailored solutions to meet our client’s most complex financial challenges. Through holistic planning and coaching, we empower you to maximize your financial values.

  • Our

  • Integrity

    Our approach is rooted in honesty, fairness and integrity because we believe this is the foundation of relationship between clients and us.

  • Innovation

    We want to ensure our clients receive the best our industry has to offer with consistently being at the forefront of financial solutions and updates.

  • Attainable

    We want to give you an attainable services with attainable goals to maximize your financial values with truly holistic financial solutions.

  • Diligence

    To help you maximize your financial values, we do take diligent approach to consistently communicate clear expectations and provide you with a thoughtful perspective.


We are ready to help you!

Ghita Argasasmita

Founder & Financial Adviser

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